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Intro and Fic Series

In a moment of revelation regarding how incredibly I underutilize LiveJournal, I have just today discovered that this community exists. Please don't brick me. *hides* Anyway...

Name/Nickname/What We Should (Or Shouldn't) Call You: Either Yumi or Erlilia is fine.
Allegiance(s): Wei because history isn't on their side and Oda because they are epic, so that makes me epic? 8D
Favourite Character(s): Ishida Mitsunari, Cáo Pī, Nouhime, Aya Gozen, Takenaka Hanbei
Favourite Pairing(s:) Cáo Pī/Mitsunari
Favourite Game(s): Warriors Orochi (all 3)
Whatever Else You'd Like To Add That You Think We Should Know: I write fanfiction, mostly, but I sometimes tinker with Photoshop. I log into LJ about 4 times a year or so on average, so if I am completely inactive, it is probably because I am simply not here.

You might have seen this by now, but if you haven't, I recently wrote four fics (all mainly Cáo Pī/Mitsunari), and since they're all in the same universe/continuity, I guess you could consider them a series. The link goes to the series page on AO3 where the details of the individual fics are.

Series Title: Across Time and Space
Pairings: Primarily Cáo Pī/Mitsunari with past Mitsunari/Kiyomasa and implied Mitsunari/Yoshitsugu. Cáo Pī and Mitsunari's wives also feature for historical accuracy.
Musou Characters: Cáo Pī, Ishida Mitsunari, Zhēn Jī, Shima Sakon, Otani Yoshitsugu, Kato Kiyomasa, Konishi Yukinaga
Rating: Three are NC-17, one is PG
Description: A behind the scenes look at the Warriors Orochi series focusing on the evolving relationship between Cáo Pī and Mitsunari. Written from Cáo Pī's perspective, Head Over Feet tells of them falling in love during Warriors Orochi 1. Also from Cáo Pī's perspective, A Few Close Shaves and Never, Never add some extra insight to their relationship. Finally, These Dreams I Dreamed is the story of what happens after they return to their own time as told by Mitsunari during the upheaval of Sekigahara as he reads Cáo Pī's memoirs.

To the best of my ability, I try to be as faithful to history and game canon as possible. I like to think I succeeded at both despite the differences, but I'll let you be the judge on that. I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories. ♥
Tags: #fanworks: fic, #intro
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