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[fics] Undead and Divided Hearts

I think everyone jumped ship to dreamwidth, but I don't have an account over there, so here we go anyhow:

Series: Musou Orochi
Title: Undead
Pairing(s): Sakon/Mitsunari
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: T
Warnings: Partly historically accurate (but given the series, clearly not completely.) Yaoi/Slash. Sadly does not involve zombies.
Summary: Mitsunari struggles with his second chance at life after Orochi recreates the world.

His life had been over, what was he to do now that he was still living?

Series: Samurai Warriors
Title: Divided Hearts (1/?)
Pairing(s): Kanetsugu/Masamune eventually. Most likely hints of Sakon/Mitsunari and Yukimura/Kunoichi
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: G for this parts, but the series overall will be T-M
Warnings: Not historically accurate. Yaoi/Slash. A handful of original characters.
Summary: Ieyasu loses at Sekigahara, and Masamune Date plans to do what he can to ensure his clan's survival. It might be easier if the final decision wasn't up to one Kanetsugu Naoe.

The clan's survival is more important than anything else. You got that? Don't be a fool.
Tags: #fanworks: fic
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