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Repost of old guidelines page, recently revised & up to date.
Read this post if you are new to warriorslash or haven't come across it previously.

All posts should contain fanmade content related to Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi. When posting outside of these fandoms, keep it to fandoms of the same period and/or subject matter; i.e. Kessen, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Red Cliff are all fine, as they tell largely the same story (with their own meritorious distinctions) with the same characters who, for the most part, share the same names as Dynasty and Samurai titles. Inuyasha and Ikkitousen, while based upon the same fodder of Warriors, are not; the names have been changed and the plotlines have been altered.

All R/NC-17 posts must be friends-locked inside the community.

What can I post? What shouldn't I post?
✔ You can post fanart, fanfic, any other type of fanwork medium (such as icons of fanvids) so long as you are the creator. You can also share scans from Japanese doujinshis/magazines, and links to websites of interest to the fandom/rec lists of fics you've read. If it is 'fannish' content pertaining to the titular series, it can be shared in this community.

✖ You cannot post the following; aspects of gameplay (how to obtain a certain saddle, for example), fanworks that are not your own creation (unless you are sharing doujinshi - see above, or you are posting a work in an effort to find the source/creator), advertisements for fandom hate memes or public rants against other members of the community.

Flaming of any sort will not be tolerated. This is a forum for sharing, and we expect a certain code of conduct to be upheld by all members. Remember not to take everything to heart; remember not to take everything personally. People found acting in a way that other members perceive as aggressive & threatening within the community will be given an official warning (in the first instance). If they are found to have re-offended (or their first instance is considered particularly extreme) they will be banned & permanently blacklisted.

As a minimum, and as a courtesy to your viewers and readers, provide the following information when posting art or fic (feel free to add on as you see fit):

Rating G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, or use the Fan Rated Rating System of FRC, FRT, FRM, FRAO
Warnings (if any)

NO PLAGIARISM, STEALING, ETC. Your fanwork must be your own work unless otherwise credited.

Homosexual (boy/boy, girl/girl), heterosexual (boy/girl) and generic fanworks are all permitted.

Fake-cuts are allowed, but ensure that the post you are linking to (in your personal/writing journal) is unlocked. There's no use linking us to something the majority of us can't access. If you wish to lock your entry, lock it within the community first and lock it at your personal/writing journal a few days later.

All fanfics, fanart, graphics over 400 x 400 pixels in size, icon posts of more than four, and posts over 500~ words MUST go inside an LJ-cut. If you do not cut these posts, you will receive a comment asking you to edit your entry; if you fail to act within a reasonable timeframe after receiving the comment, your post will be deleted. You are free to re-submit deleted posts, properly formatted.

Our tags are divided into seven different categories. The first five categories all follow the same format: #name:, then the initials of the Western game title that follows, i.e. #news: dw for news about the Dynasty Warriors franchise, or #advertisement: gen when advertising a role-playing game where characters could also be drawn from Kessen and Sengoku Basara.
#advertisement tags are for advertisements for other LJ communties, forums or fansites (these must be fandom-related, or they will be deleted);
#discussion tags are for posts encouraging discussion of individual Warriors series;
#intro is a tag used when you first post, introducing yourself to the community :);
#news tags are for posts pertaining to genuine news stories directly relating to Warriors series (please include a link to your source, and if copypasting from another website, give full credit);
#request tags are for posts pertaining to requests for any content relating to Warriors titles; people who are requesting a certain fanwork or holding a request post for other member's benefit are entitled to use these tags.

The special categories of tag are as follows:
The #fanworks tags are for fanart, fanfic, and other fan-created media, divided into the following sub-categories: #fanworks: art, #fanworks: fic, #fanworks: graphics, #fanworks: media, and #fanworks: other.

#other is a general purpose tag used for anything that does not fit in any of the above categories.
The list of tags can be found here. If you do not know what to tag your entry - do not tag it. A moderator will tag it for you.

All original fanworks posted to warriorslash, formerly archived in the memories, are now bookmarked on the community's official Delicious account. At the end of each week, all new fanworks posted to the community will be bookmarked and tagged on Delicious. If you have a Delicious account, feel free to add us to your network!

For whatever reason, if you wish for your fanwork(s) to be taken off the Delicious archive, email us at letting us know your LiveJournal username and which link(s) are of concern, and we will remove them, no questions asked.

Last update: 24 October 2009.
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