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Another repost.

— the KOEI Warrior fic & art challenge

— rules & guidelines
001. There are 45 themes/prompts (five are author's choice). Your challenge is to write a fic OR draw a picture (or both) for each of the themes, within the KOEI Warrior fandoms (Dynasty, Samurai, Orochi). You don't have to stick to a series, so feel free to mix it up.

002. You can interpret the themes however you wish. If it's a singular word prompt and you just use the word and ignore the prompt, that's okay i.e. the prompt 'Go' does not have to revolve around the game Go.

003. You don't necessarily have to write or draw each theme to a pairing - lone characters, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes and even good old gen fic is A-OK. All genres & ratings are allowed.

004. Fics must be at least 100 words in length. There is no maximum word count.

005. You can finish these in any order you wish - there is no need to go in the generally alphabetical order we've given you here, unless you're pedantic like that...

006. There is no time limit.

— procedure
001. Post an entry to link all your art and fics from. This can be in your personal journal, your fic/art journal, in this community or even in your own site/blog. It cannot be Friends Only; it must be made Public. This post is your archive and will house all the links to your separate works of fics/art. You can use the table code posted below for this purpose, if you like.

002. Comment on THIS entry with your username(s) and the link (URL) to your archive entry so we can link it from this post and keep track of everyone.

003. Post fic and art to warriorslash or link it to the comm - fake cuts are fine. Include the theme number and a link to your warriorslash50 archive. (When posting fic & art, please follow the guidelines provided by warriorslash). Crossposting is allowed. And you can begin posting whenever you'd like - you don't have to wait till your name is added to the list.

004. When you've completed the challenge, comment on this post again to let us know so we can organise your prize!

— prize
Everyone who manages to pull off all 50 prompts comes away with a banner to show off to all and sundry, and that giddy feeling that comes with accomplishing such a feat 8D

— theme table
Author's/artist's choice denotes that you may pick the theme/prompt for the fic/pic, whether you recycle one of the prompts already listed here and interpret it differently, or come up with one of your own. :)

001. all things to all men
002. amputation of pride
003. beliefs
004. blunt
005. clouded judgement
006. crush
007. curse
008. danger danger
009. do you believe in magic?
010. enemy camp
011. epiphany
012. favouritism
013. fight or flight
014. fighting blindly
015. fruit
016. Go
017. gold
018. goodbye
019. heart's armour
020. in case we die
021. incredibly incredulous
022. it started off like any other tea ceremony
023. it's funnier when you're drunk
024. it's not funny at all!
025. it's only a flesh wound

026. let me be your weapon
027. music
028. once under a red moon
029. our spirits are officially broken
030. perhaps
031. poetry
032. point of access
033. primitive
034. scandal
035. sharp blade, sharp mind
036. the stars are talking to me
037. the way I see it
038. this is why I'm the strategist
039. time? don't give me "give me time"!
040. tomorrow might be another day
041. tooth and nail
042. when push comes to shove
043. wine/whine
044. you will die and I will take over
045. you will never get to heaven if you break my heart
046. author's/artist's choice
047. author's/artist's choice
048. author's/artist's choice
049. author's/artist's choice
050. author's/artist's choice




themes/prompts by princewenyuan and rhett
challenge format based on that of miracle______'s 100 SuJu fics challenge

— participants
001. strategists@
002. ekblack@
003. fastolf@
004. rockthecliche@
005. silver_magess@
006. namida_no_kaze@
007. danzelli@
008. sadlygrove@
009. firefly_quill@
010. toxic_chocolate@
011. mytyl@
012. renuki@
013. bitis_gabonica@
014. inmemorybound@
015. dhorz@
016. whisperinghope@
017. turdburgler@
018. fightingoutside@
019. starstray@
020. renodakotaxx@
021. greatfountain@
022. chikyu_star@
023. orange_crates@
024. animesque@
025. fire_ban@
026. surealistic_des@
027. modkochan@
028. silver_lined@

— join in!
Use the form below to join in!

If you have any questions, leave a comment!
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