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modpost → beta reader masterpost

This a new beta reader masterpost, replacing the old one, which hasn't been updated in about a year.

if you would like to become a beta reader
→ Leave a comment to this post in the following format:

Contact email: [if you don't want to leave an email, leave info on some other way people can contact you i.e. PM]
Specialities: [List the areas you're particularly good at - proofreading, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, characterization, dialogue, plot and sub-plot, foreign languages, spatial continuity... whatever. If it helps you write a little easier, chances are it'll be massively helpful to someone else.]
Squicks: [Things you'd really rather not read - maybe you don't like death!fic or mpreg, or simply can't read certain parings - that's fine. If you don't read anything above a PG-13 rating, please don't forget to mention it here, otherwise you may end up with more than you bargain for...]
Other: [Whatever else you feel you need to add - perhaps you can only access certain file formats, or would like to provide more information about timeframes and suchlike.]
Copy & paste!

→ If at any time, for any reason, you need to remove yourself from this beta reader list, delete your comment. (If it's only temporary, comment this post and I'll screen your comment.)

if you need a beta reader
→ Check this post for a beta reader to suit your needs, and drop them a line!
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