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Repost of affiliates post.

get affiliated

To become an affiliate of warriorslash, comment to this post with the name of your comm/site, your URL, and a brief description of it, ie.
warriorslash at, a fanworks community for the Warriors series by KOEI.

We will affiliate with anything related to the KOEI Warriors series of games. It can be an LJ community, a community on another site (such as Dreamwidth), a forum or a website.

Here are some banners & buttons to link us with; please upload to your own server.

current affiliates

dynastywarriors - Dynasty Warriors LJ community
dw_sw_promo - Dynasty/Samurai Warriors promo community
dw_the_musical - Dynasty Warriors, The Musical
capslock_koei - KOEI but in CAPSLOCK
koei_icons - share & find KOEI icons here
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